Millennials in entrepreneurship

The current vision with which I face my future has led me to set up my first company, i2U. I took this ticket a little over a year ago, with the intention of living an experience that would make me vibrate, grow and, above all, enjoy myself. The truth is that I am not being disappointed, it is being a roller coaster full of emotions in which you have to be very awake to be able to learn as much as possible from day to day.

Recently, a company from Guipuzcoa called me to share my point of view as an entrepreneur who belongs to the millennial generation, and that has led me to make a small reflection on what characteristics I would highlight within the millennial generation.

On the one hand, the search for EXPERIENCES is something that has moved all generations and even more so when we are young. We have always been inspired by travelling, learning, getting to know… but now I think there is a differentiating aspect. We are not digital natives, but we have grown up with technology and I think this has shaped us in a different way to previous generations.

It can be said that millennials have a new need to capture, share and publish the content of our lives. Those of us who have grown up on social networks have developed a greater need to tell what we do. That’s why everything a millennial does, they are not satisfied with the standard, they are not satisfied with having a job, going on a trip or eating in a restaurant, they are looking for experiences that go beyond that.

Originality is valued. In the world of work, for example, a company with a strong company culture is much more attractive because apart from a salary and an apprenticeship we are looking for a lifestyle.

On the other hand, I believe in PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT: thanks to improved communications, we have a more global vision. We live in a more competitive world, where we have more opportunities, but at the same time we face more threats, which forces us to be better prepared. We demand job opportunities where there is a clear strategy for personal development.

We are looking for an impactful communication with the company’s seniors. As we are passionate about improving, acquiring new skills… we want to know our weaknesses and how they see us. Transparent communication, immediacy..

I think we have the vision that our formative stage is never ending and will always be there for us to at least try to keep up with the pace of the world. There is a need to reinvent ourselves, as we know that jobs evolve and become extinct. We live as a perpetual student, which influences the short term vision.

We are less patient and seek IMMEDIATENESS, this is what we have learned in the digital world and this is transmitted in everything we do: the speed with which we change our clothes, our online shopping habits, or our habits of consuming less TV and more YouTube.

We don’t usually plan our life beyond 2-3 YEARS, as stability is no longer a “must” in our dreams. We have broken with the lifestyle of working all our lives in the same company or city. If the time comes when one stops learning, evolving and living new experiences, it is more than likely that we will look for new challenges.

Everything I describe about millennials may not be representative… or even the majority. In fact, I believe that it is a minority that meets this description. However, that minority with these characteristics is the one that will mark a new way of living. They are the early adopters of the 21st century.

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