Industrial machine vision, a mature solution for everyday challenges.

We have been living side by side with artificial vision for some years now, but we are often unaware of this reality, which still seems like science fiction, from the identification of people to autonomous driving of vehicles, as well as thousands of useful applications of this branch of artificial intelligence.

It is precisely the most ambitious developments of the VA, such as autonomous driving, facial recognition, emotion identification, that have inspired the great imagination of writers, filmmakers, poets and artists of all kinds who have decided to draw utopian futures where these types of technologies are very present.

But VA is more than just a reality, the technology is now mature, and offers a range of simpler, high-impact applications, industrial machine vision being a case in point.

Industrial machine vision is a branch oriented towards the use of this technology in industry. It has been used in multiple contexts: for tracking objects in a warehouse, for calculating volumes, for detecting faults in industrial machinery, for autonomous vehicles…

This technology allows us to make a competitive leap in our processes, as it provides us with a service that until now could only be provided by human vision, it provides us with eyes that are watching 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, analysing everything that happens without blinking, this supported by good decision making allows us to automate many types of work. At the same time, it offers great robustness, since in the last 20 years giant steps have been taken. Very complete libraries have been created that provide a compact set of tools with a lot of documentation, allowing the development of tailor-made solutions without the need for a large investment in research.

Although these simpler applications are hardly mentioned in films or books, they are part of the industrial revolution we are living through and can offer us great advantages in an increasingly technological market.

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