HIRUKI Automation

Integrated automation for state-of-the-art steel logistics.


HIRUKI Automation combines all the features of HIRUKI Monitoring with the automatic control of lifting equipment manoeuvres. The partial or total automation of the cranes transforms the warehouse into an environment of movement, from the loading of trucks to storage, carried out with total autonomy and safety. This solution leads to significant savings, reduces occupational risks and ensures full traceability of each package in each movement.


The HIRUKI Automation module includes a technological adaptation of the warehouse, both of the cranes, to which control, monitoring, weighing and anti-balance systems are added, and of the transfer systems, coolers and AGVs. In addition, to guarantee absolute safety, the automated work area is perimetered with a fence containing access doors with homologated locks.

On the other hand, a remote control station is installed so that, if necessary or in the case of partial automation, the crane operators do not have to operate the equipment from the usual cab, or so that a single crane operator can control all the cranes in the warehouse.


  • Technological adaptation of the warehouse.
  • Automation of all manoeuvres.
  • Perimeter security fencing.
  • Remote station for crane operators. Weight measurement for each manoeuvre.
  • Crane sway control.
  • Automation of operational decision-making.
  • Optimisation of the use of cranes.
  • Optimisation of the use of cranes.
  • Preparation of preloads.
  • Truck management.
  • Pre-configuration of train loading.

HIRUKI Automation positively and directly impacts customers’ bottom line, the job security of their employees and empowers people with data-driven decisions.

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