HIRUKI Monitoring

Advanced Operational Controls for Warehouse Management


HIRUKI Monitoring transforms your logistics management into an unparalleled experience. Achieve real-time control of the warehouse, following every movement with precision. It simplifies warehouse traceability without the need to individually mark each package. In addition, the system generates automatic work orders for crane operators, optimising their performance. The benefits are quantifiable: immediate savings, reduced labour risks and total control of the warehouse status.


The absolute success of the traceability control of manufactured products is achieved when the entire data capture process is automated. The implementation of the HIRUKI Monitoring system is based on the technological adaptation of the machines involved in the handling of each package, thus automating the process of capturing the information and, therefore, guaranteeing the veracity and reliability of the identification of the products and the tracking of their locations at all times.


  • Real-time warehouse operational control.
  • Real-time inventory control.
  • Traceability of every package.
  • Interoperability with customer management systems.
  • Management of work orders for each crane.
  • Control of the use of each crane.
  • Access to the HIRUKI platform, a place for process analysis.
  • Access to all the stored data of each operation carried out and of each package that has passed through the warehouse.
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