Intelligent automation for steel warehouses


At i2U, we understand that every logistics challenge is unique. Before any intervention, we conduct a thorough analysis to assess the characteristics and operating levels of your warehouses, identifying opportunities for improvement and optimisation of operational resources through the use of disruptive technologies. From there, we design a customised solution that adapts to your exact needs. The first step towards digital steel logistics starts here.


The aim of i2Consulting‘s actions is to assess the INTENSITY of use of the product stores and the EFFECTIVENESS of the existing control systems.

For this purpose, all existing information in the company that represents a source of analysis of the history of operations is collected and digitised, and artificial intelligence systems are introduced to automatically monitor warehouse activity for a period of between one and six months.

With all this information, i2U‘s specialists generate the analysis content to carry out the diagnosis and achieve the formulas for improvements and optimisation of warehouse operations.

What you get...

With the analysis of the results obtained, the main control indicators are identified and quantified, defining the data collection operations and the methodologies for calculating them.

In addition, a warehouse management system is established to optimise resources, increase productivity, worker safety and the quality of service in the warehouses.

Throughout the entire consultancy process, i2U works closely with the client’s technicians and management and, once the avenues for improvement have been established, accompanies the client in the implementation of the new working methodologies.

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