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Peter Drucker says that “What is not measured, does not improve” and so we started, measuring data, the data we are looking for on waste generated, data on environmental problems, the figures that reveal how we do not comply with the precepts of the circular economy, to what extent the environment is affected and above all, with what figures we would solve these problems. So, we decided to monitor the processes of the circular economy for qualified decision making. At i2U we measure what is not measured today, learn from it and make processes evolve.

We do this so that we can leave a legacy of a better world for future generations, so our intention is to impact the environment and the quality of life of people and nature. Of course, we also want governments, local and supranational, to see us as necessary partners in shaping the future that is almost here. For us, there is still a gap between technological development and industrial processes in certain sectors. Even today, the hegemony of technology raises doubts in some sectors of the population, doubts about the coexistence of this technology with people, and it seems as if it is going to banish us or make us fall into oblivion. Never before in history has what is inherently human become such an important part of society. Technology needs meaning, direction and values to guide it. And we have found a way to put it at the service of people, in the hygienic, rational, sustainable and responsible management of waste. With this idea, we are in the market to contribute to co-designing a circular and sustainable future based on technology and new business models that make this sustainability possible. Our mission is to achieve the idea that all agents, producers, consumers and institutions, must be involved in the creation of a cleaner, more conscious world.

By the way, we are technologists, curious, we like harmony, personal development, concern for the world we are building and for the world we will leave, and above all, we believe in technology to evolve, as has always been the case. In the team, there is a bit of everything, Alberto is the creative initiator and the oldest of all, or in other words, he is the one with the most experience under his belt, Eneko is our scientist, he is also a singer and the joy of our office. Eva, we call her Laura or Maribel depending on the moment, and she is the one who asks us questions, who keeps us on track and for now, Julen closes the team, who is our imaginative and resolute imagination, how he likes to tinker! I leave myself for last, I am Martin, the Millennial entrepreneur, avid for immediate sensations and experiences. And this is turning out to be a great journey.

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