Data as the seed of digital transformation

In i2U, we believe in the importance of data as the basis for the digital transformation of an organisation, reaching the implementation of productive processes that are being favoured by the correct use of data. The objective of this transformation is the achievement of Data-driven organisations and the challenge lies in the development of good tools for the governance of this data.

This digital transformation is more than a technological overhaul, an increase in the use of digital channels, an organisational overhaul or a modernisation of the company. Forbes magazine, in July 2017, described this revolution as “A digital transformation journey moves an organisation from a process-defined world to a data-driven world”. Process-oriented methodologies will be replaced by those that are governed by properly processed and applied data.

A good knowledge of the data that governs an organisation can have a major influence on its efficiency and profitability, optimising sales channels, directing innovation and results, and even making it possible to understand, interpret and anticipate reality.

It is said that data is the oil of 21st century organisations. Just as we need a refinery to transform it into fuel for our vehicles, we need information processing and governance tools that ensure fast, efficient, user-friendly and coherent data management.

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