2022 on the horizon

Back to work after the usual feast of these dates, we raise our heads and it is already 2021. It turns out that the cliché “how quickly time passes” is true even in the year of the pandemic.

It has been a difficult year and, like many other companies, at i2U we have had to adapt to daily reality and make decisions in a sea of uncertainty. Once again, being agile and flexible and not losing focus of the strategy has led us not only to survive, but to advance and achieve important milestones for the company.

We managed to secure the necessary funding to grow the i2U team and thus accelerate the development of SOKO, our main product. Dani has taken on the technical responsibility of the company and the incorporation of Ainara, Iñigo and Adrian, three technicians with complementary profiles, has allowed us to strengthen our field of knowledge in artificial intelligence, specifically in relation to vision and automation applied to the industrial sector.

It has been a particularly difficult year for the company’s commercial activity, the market has slowed down as a result of what we are experiencing, so we decided to direct our efforts and resources to intensify R&D activity, focusing on completing the development of the variant of our main product aimed at the automation of steel billet warehouses, SOKOSteel Mills.

Of course, in response to the projects we had open with our customers, we have mainly delivered the development of ENERWEB, a platform that integrates the meter readings of all the customers of GIROA, operator of the multinational Veolia for the entire northern area of the peninsula.

At Christmas, Olentzero passed by the i2U offices and rewarded the efforts of the whole team, leaving us an important order that will allow us to carry out the first implementation of SOKOSteel Mills at the ArcelorMittal plant in Olaberria. Of course, we have lacked days to start the project and position it in what will be our main focus in the first half of 2021.

Since the first day of this year we have been working with the conviction that this will be a very important year, and after having had a 2020 in which we have developed product + team, we believe we have all the ingredients to achieve it.

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