2018, one more lap around the sun

The turn of the year is full of reflections, illusions and goals. As was not to be outdone, 2018 has left us pensive and we have started the 19th by taking stock. As the question is the tool that best serves us to investigate the issues that occupy us, we have asked ourselves what we have learned in the year that has come to an end. The rule of the game for this post was for each member of the team to describe in five lines a single lesson learned from the i2U experience. To the same question, we answered as we felt like, so some of us followed the rules of the game and others did not. And, of course, condensing a year of emotions and paths is not easy.

Here are the answers:

J.A starts emphatically “In what has been my first year out of education, i2u has been my runway to the world of work. 2018 has been full of challenges, both professionally and personally, and the company has been for me a pillar in both aspects. Surrounded by people with exceptional human qualities, I have had the opportunity to soak up everything that goes into the management of a company, both technically and strategically”.

M.Z adds that “This year, we have had to face many challenges, problems and unforeseen events and I have understood what is the best tool we have to overcome all these obstacles. That tool is ourselves and I have learned to put the focus on myself every time I want a transformation. I have started to see that the changes I want to see on the outside come from a change on the inside”.

E.O. opens with this paragraph: “If you ask me what is the most relevant thing I have learned in the last year, I will say that there are three key aspects that will surely shape my character in the coming years. The first has to do with certainties that end up being as subtle as a summer breeze, so from now on, I will hold even less, lest a hurricane approaches.

Funding has also been a central issue over the past year and, I assume, will continue to be so. To manage the issue of funding properly requires a mastery of patience and calendar management. This last year has been a good training. So, I have developed the skill of patience quite a bit. I dare not say “to the maximum” because that would be a certainty and I have already said that I am using it less and less, just in case.

Finally, like every year, people continue to fascinate me. I learn every day from almost everyone around me, so in 2018, I have continued to learn about almost everything human, especially about empathy and emotional connection.”

E.S.S. brings out his charismatic side in this way I have learned to adapt to many other realities that govern life, which were unknown to me and dizzying, allowing me to take myself to something beyond what I had mastered.

I have learned to embrace the fact that instability becomes my new stability and to build a sturdy boat for that bumpy and exciting ride.

I have learned that this ship must be manned by fellow travellers you trust and that it replaces the static and boring comfort of dry land.

And above all, I have learned that the beauty of not only 2018, but of life, is to have the courage to embark on new journeys without knowing the exact destination, but where you know that the journey will be worth it, and that the journey will be your goal.

And finally, A.C. sums up the year as follows: “I prefer to number the emotions I have experienced with my companions, those intense sensations that the transcendental events of their lives have provoked in me. The admiration of JA’s dedication in caring for a loved one and her fortitude in the face of the inevitable outcome, the tenderness that ESS provokes when she sings to her baby in her arms, the enthusiasm that MZ instils with her euphoric emancipation or the pride we feel when we see EO embark on a new professional stage.“

We have already started 2019 so we continue the journey, another lap around the sun, with energy and good food.

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