Specialized solutions for steel logistics



Your Partner in the Digital Transformation of Steel Logistics.

At i2U, we firmly believe that advanced steel logistics is an opportunity for excellence. As specialists in the transformation of logistics processes for steel bulk, we accompany you in the implementation of data-driven warehouse management that reduces costs and labour risks. Our mission is to take logistics to the next level, guiding you to maximum efficiency and traceability. Together, we transform logistics into a true competitive advantage by harnessing the opportunities offered by technology.

Strategic consultancy to evolve towards Digital Logistics

Advanced Operational Control for Warehouse Management

Integral Automation for state-of-the-art Steel Logistics



“We are determined to create a positive impact on the growth of the entities and people around us”.

We are proud to distinguish ourselves by our unique specialisation: in-depth technological know-how backed by extensive experience in steel logistics processes.

Our passion lies in achieving excellence in every aspect of logistics operations, which allows us to enhance competitiveness and improve the service offered to our customers. We firmly believe that technology must be transformative and customised to meet the unique needs of each business and generate tangible value for each customer.

At i2U, we are proud to be a strategic partner in the transformation of steel logistics. Beyond just providing solutions, our approach is based on a balanced combination of expertise, innovation and technology. Tell us about your challenges and we’ll help you pave the way to a more efficient, profitable and sustainable logistics future.



2022 on the horizon

Back to work after the usual feast of these dates, we raise our heads and it is already 2021. It turns out that the cliché “how quickly time passes” is true even in the year of the pandemic. It has been a difficult year and, like many other companies, at i2U we have had to

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The automated warehouse, where is the challenge?

I’m going to ask you a question and I want you to answer with the first thing that comes to your mind. Would you be able to build a house? Surely, given the magnitude of the challenge, you will receive a NO as an answer. What if instead of considering the whole process as a

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Industrial machine vision, a mature solution for everyday challenges.

We have been living side by side with artificial vision for some years now, but we are often unaware of this reality, which still seems like science fiction, from the identification of people to autonomous driving of vehicles, as well as thousands of useful applications of this branch of artificial intelligence. It is precisely the

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